Grow Beans, Peas, and other Vegetables on this Easy DIY A-Frame Garden Trellis!

Do you want to make the most of your garden space?

Are you planning on growing pole beans, climbing peas, or other vegetables that need support?

Do you want to have a trellis that you can build cheaply and quickly but will last for many seasons?

If you answered "yes," my 4-Step A-Frame Garden Trellis Plans will help you build a beautiful trellis that will be a mainstay in your garden for years to come!

→ I've been growing enough pole beans on two of these trellises to supply our family with green beans all year! ←

It just takes a few basic tools, screws, and lumber, and for under $50 you could have your own trellis built in a day!

Jill McSheehy Garden

Hi, I'm Jill, and I grow a successful backyard garden year after year.

But it wasn't always that way.

Not too long ago I was a beginning gardener with no idea how to do the most basic tasks -- but I did the research and planted my own green beans that first year -- and I'm so glad I did! 

Each year after that first successful garden, I've learned more and more -- this time also from the dirt on my hands instead of from the pages of books alone. 

Now, I teach other beginning gardeners -- just like me -- how to plan and grow their own successful gardens. 

And I haven't had to purchase green beans from the grocery store in six years!

After you download these free A-frame trellis plans, I'll send you more tips and resources on growing vertical. You'll also get access to more free resources to help you on your garden journey.

Learn more at my web site and podcast. But first...