Create a personalized full-season plan to grow what you love to eat

in less than 4 weeks

and replace trips to the market with harvests from your OWN garden

(without worrying you planted the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong place, losing motivation in the middle of the summer, and wading through gardening information and never putting it into practice) 

If you've been gardening a few years (or even if this is your first season) and you're looking to eat more food you’ve grown yourself (while enjoying nature and sharing your harvest with those you love) then you already know that you need to have a plan for your garden year to make it work.

There’s no need to convince you of what you already understand.  

After all, you already KNOW that a proper, well-thought-our PLAN is the key that will unlock the growth and harvest of fresh food from your garden this season.  

You KNOW that a productive garden hinges on planting at the right time and using succession planting and companion planting strategically.  

You KNOW that a proper plan can lessen the physical exhaustion and the mid-season burnout.  

Jill McSheehy in garden

Here's what you might NOT know...

Even if you have an idea what your garden season might look like (and maybe you’ve even bought some seeds!), having a detailed full-season plan will:  

Ensure you plant your first crops at the right time ...because planting too early or too late can stunt your harvest at best and kill your crops at worst.  

Show you when to plant succession crops that you can expect a harvest not just one time this year but throughout the growing season — even into the winter!  

Reduce your weeding ...because when plants grow at proper spacing and mulch is applied at the ideal time, weeds have less of an opportunity to take hold in your garden, meaning less weeding for you!

Provide a larger harvest with a smaller space that you’ll make the most of the space you do have by implementing strategic succession planting and smart companion planting.

Save money on your garden ...because when you maximize the space you have, and make wise decisions on where and when to purchase the supplies you need, and avoid buying what you won’t use, you'll prevent throwing money into a hobby that doesn't return your investment.  

Amplify the pleasure your garden provides you you can enjoy your garden instead of worrying whether or not you’re doing the right thing at the right time.

Even though the motivation to pursue a functional garden plan is clear, the path to doing it successfully is anything but. 

I know, because this was me. My first few seasons I thought I had a plan, but I soon learned that making a garden layout and ordering seeds did not equal an efficient garden plan.

Here are a few mistakes I made that I see gardeners make every year...

Because I chose my garden location poorly, I had to start over in a new location, which cost me months of work and money. 

Because I didn't know any different, I never planned beyond the first planting. After my tomatoes died of disease and my squash succumbed to squash bugs and powdery mildew, I was left with bare soil and a heart full of disappointment. I had no other crops on deck with several months of growing season left because I didn't know how to use succession planting to extend my harvest. 

Because I didn't know how large my plants would get, I spaced some plants too close (so they never produced a great harvest) and I spaced others too far apart (resulting in exhausting weeding in the height of the summer).  

Sure, I had decent enough results to want to do it again, thankfully. But looking back...

my harvest could have been exponentially greater if I had known specific garden planning strategies.  

Looking back, I see now, it wasn’t my fault. I had no one to show me these planning strategies in a way I could understand and implement. 

No one helped me evaluate the best place for my garden. 

No one demonstrated how proper succession planting could extend my harvest for months. 

No one taught me proper companion planting techniques or how to utilize vertical gardening to get more crops in the same space. 

No one explained how shade can be used to my garden’s benefit. 

No one took my hand and walked me through planning every garden task on my calendar for the year so everything would be prepared in advance, at the right time. 

Instead, I stumbled into learning all these things little by little — on my own — over the course of YEARS of trial and error. 

Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to take you years and wasted time and money to learn how to plan your garden to its maximum efficiency and production. 

Whether you’re a first-time gardener hoping to craft an efficient plan right out of the gate, or if you’ve had some experience and you can relate to the less-than-ideal garden I described above, this is the year you can eat the food you love outside your door for months on end without the discouraging stress, unmet expectations, and crippling labor many gardeners encounter. 

3 Reasons Why Most Garden Plans Fail to Meet Expectations for an Abundant Harvest

Lack of Strategic Succession Planting Planning Succession planting involves more than simply planting one plant after another one harvests. It involves predicting when the first crop should finish, knowing which crops are best candidates, and considering other variables such as shade and vertical gardening. Then, armed with this knowledge, you can strategically plan succession crops and prepare for longer an more abundant harvests.  

Ignoring Heat Limitations Most gardeners are aware of crops' cold limitations, and they plan their plantings accordingly. But heat can prove just as limiting as cold. By finding out when your summer heat reaches the critical temperature for certain crops, you can make plant timing, planting, and protection decisions to avoid decreasing harvests due to heat stress.  

Not Planning for Fall Crops at the Beginning of the Season Planting fall crops too late is the number one mistake in fall gardening. The reason? Fall planting can start as early as July! And who is thinking about cool weather in July when the summer harvest is in full swing? By planning the timing of fall crops even before spring crops are planted, you can ensure the proper timing of fall crops, which will result in more productive fall and winter harvests.  

Here is what many gardeners don't understand:

Even with widely-accessible gardening information at our fingertips, there’s a huge difference between understanding the “what” and knowing “how.”  

Perhaps you have already experienced the strain of putting the puzzle pieces of gardening “how-to’s” together without a master picture of how those pieces actually fit together.  

While the barriers to entry in starting your own garden are relatively LOW, the barriers to effectively executing a garden plan that promises a full season harvest are fairly HIGH.  

But when you have a path laid out for you — helping you to finally put the “how” to the “whats” you’ve already learned — you are well on your way to grocery shopping from your garden.  

The key ingredient to all of this is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow, personalized, functional garden plan that works. And with your permission, I’d LOVE to show you how to make it happen for you. 


Grow what you love, enjoy the pleasure of the garden, and grocery shop from your garden for longer than you ever expected

Your dream garden asks for more than a garden layout and a seed order. I’ve taken my eight years of planning, testing, trialing, and growing in my own garden to bring you a functional garden planning method that brings you a fully-planted garden that you can expect to enjoy from early spring to late fall or winter.  

The end result: 12 months of fresh-from-the-garden meals along with the sense of incalculable satisfaction that comes with every homegrown vegetable, fruit, or herb on your plate.

Dream to Garden

is the ONLY program of its kind that 

  • Goes beyond teaching you gardening best-practices and instead walks you step-by-step into implementing a full-season garden plan customizable to your garden, your climate, and your space
  • Guides you to plant your crops at the right time
  • Demonstrates the best options to plan succession plantings for the highest yield over the longest period of time
  • Shows you how to use companion planting to reap a larger harvest in a smaller space
  • Decreases your stress during the season with proven full-season garden calendaring techniques
  • Amplifies the pleasure you enjoy from your garden

So if you’re ready to finally plan a garden that you can “shop” from all season long, while avoiding stress and burnout most gardeners experience mid-season, here’s how I’ll get you there:

Module 01 

Field of Dreams: What to Plant

Most likely you already have an idea of what you want to grow in your garden. In this module, you will develop a full list of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers you want to plant in your 2020 garden. But this list is created in a specific, strategic way, using my “field of dreams” framework.

  • Identify the overarching purpose and goals of your garden (they may be different than you assume)
  • Choose crops that serve those goals
  • Use my “Dream Strategically” method to identify other crops you have not considered growing
  • Identify which crops will be grown in the spring, summer, and fall 

Module 02

Full Season Garden Timeline

Using the crops you identified in Module 1, you will develop a full season garden plan, where every garden space is filled with a crop for the entire season, from early spring to summer to fall. You’ll learn how to avoid the pitfall of a tired, overgrown garden in the middle of summer with new crops planned for later in the season

  • Identify planting dates for every crop in your garden for the entire season.
  • Learn which crops are the best candidates for succession planting based on when you can expect to harvest.
  • Estimate how long each crop should remain in your garden space, paving the way for multiple plantings of fresh crops.
  • Identify “harvest-by” date for crops that wither in the heat, ensuring your cool weather crops produce a harvest for you before bolting or shutting down.
  • Get best practices and suggestions for optimum succession planting and companion planting possibilities.
  • Using a method I borrowed from a favorite childhood game, follow my “Garden Tetris” strategy to sketch out a planting and growing timeline for each crop in your garden.  

Module 03

Garden Space, Location, and Size  

Once you know what you’re going to grow for your full season, you will decide on your garden space, location, and size. Even if you already have a garden space in mind, ensure it’s the best place and avoid pitfalls of wrong garden location. In addition, explore creative ways to expand your space with little extra effort.

  • Identify ideal crops for ground beds, raised beds, and containers, and learn how to use a combination of garden spaces to maximize your harvest. 
  • Ensure the garden space you’ve chosen makes the most of your area in terms of proximity to your home, water, and shade. 
  • Learn two little-known tips in choosing a great ground bed location.
  • Finalize your garden size based on factors unique to your individual life and goals.
  • Draw out your garden space, including areas you may have overlooked.  

Module 04

Garden Layout 

Using your Full Season Garden Timeline from Module 2 and your mapped-out garden space from Module 3, sketch out your garden layout, including all crops from early spring to late fall.

  • Determine how far apart each plant should be planted in order to eliminate planting too close (where they compete for nutrients) or too far away (which wastes space and invites weeds).
  • Identify which crops will require vertical trellising, as well as where (directionally) these trellises should be located, relative to the plants growing near them. 
  • Learn specific strategies to best incorporate companion planting in order to maximize garden space and production.  

Module 05

Plan Your Garden Year

While many gardeners plan their initial planting, they neglect to plan subsequent plantings and other necessary tasks on their calendar. At the end of this module, you will have your entire garden year planned out on your calendar, ensuring you don’t forget a necessary task and paving the way for the fun part — growing your garden!

  • Identify the best time to buy needed garden supplies, such as seeds, transplants, live plants, and more.
  • Make lists of garden supplies you may not realize you need, and ensure you have them on hand before you need them in your garden. 
  • Place garden projects on your calendar to ensure completion before you need them, and make supply lists for projects such as trellises, raised beds, fences, and row covers.  

Yes, YOU can have a Full Season Garden.

In Dream to Garden you’ll be introduced to my unique, proven process of planning a full season garden, which will help you rise above the mediocre results you’d otherwise get by winging it.  

You’ll find your dream garden to be much easier to plan than you ever thought possible, and more than that, you’ll set yourself up to harvest the crops that serve you and your home.  

Sure, all gardens have unforeseen factors that arise, but with this plan your entire garden dreams won’t come crashing down with one late freeze, an abnormally wet spring, or a barrage of unexpected pests. Even if you do stumble into struggles in one area this year due to those unpredictable factors, you can confidently know you have new crops ready to make up for it.  

But I don’t want you to have to wait months to see if this plan might work for you. Enroll right now, watch a few short lessons, and start seeing when your favorite crops will take center stage in your garden.  

By the end of Module 2 — where you’ll craft your Full Season Garden Timeline — if you can’t see the vision of your dream garden coming to life, just let me know at within 14 days and I’ll refund your investment. 

Here's What You Get When You Enroll Today

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  • Access to Dream to Garden online course
  • Access to the Beginner's Garden Shortcut online course
  • Invitation to join our Facebook Group + 4 weeks of Live Training with Q&A and support
  • Before You Sow Mini-Course
  • Full Season Garden Masterclass
  • Raised Bed Templates

What current members of Dream to Garden are saying...

I LOVE the Dream to Garden course so far!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the smart and thoughtful way you suggest breaking down the rather overwhelming task of planning the garden. I would never do it without this course! --Karen

I loved [Dream to Garden]!! I planted 75 tomato plants and canned enough spaghetti and pizza sauce to last our family for two years! The information you share is invaluable and I thank you for your time in putting this course together!  --Jessica

Now I can finally plant my garden and get everything planted at the exact times they should be. No more wasting my time, money on seeds, and most important to me, my effort. Jill has done all of the hard work for me! I can’t recommend Jill’s class, Dream to Garden, enough! --Kathy

I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying this entire experience.  The garden planning and learning is making my life so much fuller and hopefully this winter shorter.” —Karel

What people ask before enrolling in the course:

What if I’ve already done some planning for this year’s garden?

Great! While this is course will serve those who haven’t even begun to plan their gardens, you will be a step ahead in narrowing down your garden’s focus for the year, and you are in a great position to tweak those plans even further to set yourself up for an even longer season with a bigger harvest.  

Is this for gardeners in any climate?

Yes, whether you have a short growing season or a long one, this course will guide you to identifying major dates around which you will plant your crops and plan their growth. And unlike many garden resources, you’ll learn how to take advantage of growing times outside the typical growing season window.  

Can’t I just find succession planting and companion planting ideas online?

You absolutely can, and in fact, I encourage you to! But understanding how to best choose which successions and companions will work in your garden is what will help you make the most of these critical harvest-maximizing techniques. Plus, I also show you how to choose between succession planting and its cousin, relay planting (my favorite), to open up even more possibilities for success.  

Why should I pay for an online course when so much information on gardening is already available to me?

Online garden articles, videos, podcasts, and books are all excellent resources for successful gardening techniques. They tell you the “what” to do. This course goes a step further into the “how” to do it. Through my online training and the Dream to Garden Workbook, I walk you step-by-step how to execute and put in place the “how’s” behind the “what’s.” I include my own garden plan in many cases as an example. It’s similar to comparing reading a book about baseball to having a player show you how the game is played. And, in the Facebook group for 4 weeks I'll be available to help you out if you get stuck or have questions along the way. 

Why can’t I just make a basic plan and then figure the rest out as the season progresses?

You totally can; in fact, most people do just that. (I did it my first couple of years myself!) But from my experience and what I’ve seen of others over the years, you risk losing a huge opportunity to grow and harvest more. In the middle of the season, when your spring and early summer crops are done or are looking sad, you’re more likely to give up and call it a season, rather than taking full advantage of the growing time remaining. By following my plan and executing it throughout the season, you set yourself up for a greater harvest.  

Will I get access to the full course right away?

When you enroll, you will gain immediate access to the full course. In that first email, I'll also walk you through where to start first.

What if I enroll and I realize it’s not the course for me?

Email me within 14 days of enrollment, and I will refund the course fee to you.  

When I enroll, what will I get access to first?

Immediately upon enrollment, I’ll send you an email with login instructions to the course. You will see a welcome video and Modules 1 and 2.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does "lifetime" sound? As long as I still sell and maintain the course (and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon), you have full access to the course platform, including any future updates. If at some point I choose to close the course in the distant future, you'll be given the opportunity to download the videos to access anytime on your own device.

What if I'm not on Facebook? Will I get help if I need it in the course?

Yes! The comments section is always open, and I try to respond as quickly as possible to my students. My students are my top priority!

Dream to Garden is perfect for you if...

  • You’re growing your first garden (or your first garden in a new space) and you want plan it right the first time.  
  • You’ve had a few gardens in your past and you know you need a better, more strategic plan to increase your harvests over what you’ve already experienced.  
  • You can’t contain your excitement over the possibilities of this garden season, but you fear you may not get it right on your own.  
  • You aren’t 100% sure you know when to plant all of your crops or how much space each one requires in your garden for the best results.  
  • You’re willing to invest a couple of hours per week in the planning, planting, and growing your garden from now until the season ends.  
  • You know that having a plan will actually save you money in the long-run because you won’t be throwing money away at a poorly-planned garden.  
  • You’ve already got an idea in your mind of what you’d love your garden to achieve this season.  
  • You’re ready to begin implementing succession planting and companion planting to get more harvest from your space, but you're not quite sure how to do it effectively.  
  • You’re excited to learn how to ensure every space of soil in your garden is growing something all growing season.  
  • You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 14 days to test it out. You’re ready to jump in and watch the lessons and plan out your garden in these 5 modules over the course of the next 4 weeks.  


If you've said "Yes" to at least 6 of the above, I can't wait to meet you in Dream to Garden!

($97 Full Pay Option)