In this 60-minute deep dive workshop, learn the basics of growing herbs for use in your kitchen.

What You'll Learn:

  • Which herbs should be purchased as transplants and which can be started from seed
  • The herbs that will come back year after year and the ones that need to be started fresh each growing season
  • How to companion plant with herbs
  • How many to plant
  • When to plant each herb
  • Money saving tips for growing kitchen herbs
  • Soil, sun and water requirements for each
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Hosted by Jill McSheehy

Jill is the creator and host of the Beginner's Garden Podcast and has been growing herbs for almost a decade.

Herb gardening is one of the most rewarding and cost-saving things you can grow. Jill has been growing herbs of all kinds for years now and has replaced most of her kitchen spice uses with homegrown herbs and spices.

Practical Tips for Every Level to Use Right Away


Learn which herbs work best as transplants and which can be seed started plus whether to grow them in containers, raised beds or ground beds.


Which herbs will grow year after year as compared to the ones that need to be replanted each year. Plus, how many of each to plant for you and your family's uses for a whole year.


Learn the growing seasons for each type of herb plus what soil, water and sun requirements each herb wants.