pest control workshop

In this 90-minute deep dive workshop, learn practical and organic methods to prevent and manage pest outbreaks before they start.

What You'll Learn:

  • Signs to help you identify which insects are causing damage
  • Organic Control Options (and what works for which bugs)
  • How to Use Organic Sprays without harming pollinators
  • What flowers to plant to attract beneficial insects
  • Advanced strategies to prevent pest outbreaks without spraying anything
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Hosted by Jill McSheehy

Jill is the creator and host of the Beginner's Garden Podcast and has been growing garlic for almost a decade.

After gardening the "old fashioned way" the first couple of years, Jill ditched the chemical pesticides and learned how to use natural and organic practices grow healthy, chemical-free vegetables to feed her family for most of the year.

Practical Tips for Every Level to Use Right Away


Learn how to identify which pest is causing damage so you can determine which organic pesticide to choose. Understand how to use these organic options for best results without harming beneficial insects and pollinators.


Identify common beneficial insects, and get a list of the best flowers to plant to attract them. Understand how to use companion planting and other methods to attract even more "good guys."


Begin the process of eliminating even organic pesticides by using advanced strategies to prevent and manage pest outbreaks in your organic garden.