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This was a live workshop held April 25th, purchase your ticket now to watch the replay!

In this deep dive workshop, learn the basics of how to grow the ingredients you need to make homemade pizza and salsa!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to grow pizza & salsa ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs.
  • Plant timing & growth expectations. Learn how to plant your crops at the right time, and learn workarounds when not all ingredients -- like tomatoes and cilantro -- harvest at the same time.
  • Recipes for salsa, pizza sauce, and more.
  • How To Use Each Crop: Get special recommendations on plant varieties and how you can use each crop without waste.
  • Video demonstrations: Watch Jill plant a pizza garden in a raised bed + learn how to dry herbs needed for pizza sauce.


Pizza Salsa Workbook

With your ticket, you also get a downloadable workbook to follow along during the class. This workbook includes charts, notes, and also 5 yummy recipes!

Hi! I'm Jill.

I'm the creator and host of the Beginner's Garden Podcast and I grow almost all of the vegetables that my family eats year-round.

But, it wasn't that long ago that I was a first-time gardener myself, learning how to grow food the hard way -- trial and error.

Now, I want to help beginners skip the years of the learning curve and learn how to grow the ingredients for pizza & salsa.

In this workshop that has easy information to follow, I'll walk you through the basics to grow pizza and salsa ingredients all year long!