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Simplest Paths for Preserving Your Harvest

With Jill McSheehy

In this Masterclass, You'll Learn:

  • Which vegetables are ideal for water bath canning, pressure canning, freezing, or dehydrating
  • Equipment needed (from basic to more advanced options)
  • Pros & Cons to each method of preserving so you can make the best decision for your harvest AND your lifestyle! (←the lifestyle is KEY)
  • Answers to questions I get asked all the time, like "Is blanching necessary?" "Do I need a dehydrator or will an oven suffice?" "How do I know if a vegetable can be water bath canned vs pressure canned?"
  • LIVE Q&A at the end!

Option 1:
Wednesday, May 12 at 10 AM CST

Option 2:
Thursday, May 13 at 1 PM CST


When I think back to my first garden season, I was nervous about making the most of my harvest.

I had researched a little about canning, but I didn't realize the other options available to me -- like dehydrating and freezing.

I certainly didn't know which method to choose for which vegetable or herb. And I was clueless on what equipment I might need for any given method.

But I learned, slowly, over the course of years. Now I preserve most of the vegetables and herbs I grow for year-round use.

Want to learn these things faster than I did and set yourself up for a pantry or freezer full of homegrown produce? Join me on my new masterclass May 12 or 13!


Get answers to questions you've always wanted to ask!

All gardening and preserving levels welcome -- from beginners just starting out to veterans looking for new ideas & strategies.


I can't attend either time. Will there be a replay?

Yes, if you can't attend, sign up for one of the times anyway, and you'll be sent a replay, which will be available for you to watch through May 23.

Is the registration limited?

Yes, to make every effort that no one is locked out from a "full room," we are limiting registration numbers to each masterclass.

How long will the Masterclass be?

Plan for one hour.

Can I ask questions?

Yes, for all live attendees, we will host a live Q&A session at the end and will get to as many questions as possible.