Want to grow a garden in raised beds but don't know where to start?

raised bed mini bundle course contents

Your raised bed quick-start guide to planning, building, filling, and growing a garden in raised beds.

  • 5-Step Raised Bed Garden 30-minute Video Training, where you'll learn:
    -- Ideal Raised Bed Size, Location, & Depth
    -- Building Material Options
    -- Soil Blends
    -- How to Protect from Wildlife
    -- Irrigation Options

    (pre-recorded -- watch at your convenience)
  • 16 Raised Bed Layout Design Templates
    (including plant spacing recommendations)
  • Build Your Raised Bed
    (video + written guidance for two raised bed designs)
  • Raised Bed Soil Options Section
    (all of my free raised bed soil options information in one place)

PLUS, included in the bundle you'll also get:

  • The Beginner's Garden QuickStart Guide Ebook ($12.99 value)
    (get your garden planned and growing in this simple guide)
  • The Simple Garden Planner ($5.00 value)
    (printable planner to guide you as you plan and grow your garden)
Yes! I Want the Bundle!

Are you interested in a raised bed garden, but you're just not sure yet?

I've had all the questions, too. Maybe like me...

You see these beautiful raised bed gardens online (yeah, it seems like everyone's doing it!) and you wonder how everyone else makes it look so easy?

You start to get a plan in your mind but when you begin to get started, you see obstacles and unanswered questions.

Wouldn't it be easier if you could get those questions answered all in one place, instead of cherry-picking google searches and hoping you get good information?

What you need is guidance on the basics. And for that, I've got you covered:

Jill McSheehy Raised Beds

The Raised Bed Mini Bundle will take you from dreaming of your own raised bed garden to making it happen!

When you start with the 30-minute video training, you'll learn about proper raised bed size, materials, plant spacing, and irrigation.

To help with your planning, use one or more of the 16 Raised Bed Design templates provided as well as the printable Simple Garden Planner for your entire garden.

Finally, the included Beginner's Garden QuickStart ebook will help you with the fine details of planning, planting, and maintaining your garden.

Each of these resources is quick and easy to consume, allowing you to harvest from your raised bed garden as quickly as possible!