Before You Sow Mini-Course

4 Seed Growing Principles You MUST Know Before You Plant

4-Part Self-Paced Mini-Course

with Jill McSheehy of the Beginner's Garden

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What You'll Learn:


Seeds to [almost] Always Plant Directly in the Garden

No indoor seed starting required! Many gardeners don't realize that most plants actually thrive when you plant them from seed directly in the garden.

In this lesson, you'll learn which ones, why, and how to make sure they're planted at the proper time.


Seeds to [almost] Always Transplant

Whether you choose indoor seed starting or purchase transplants at the local nursery, learn which plants you almost NEVER plant directly from seed into the garden and why.


4 Levels of Indoor Seed Starting

Are you thinking about starting some seeds indoors? What most people don't realize is that there are actually different levels of difficulty when it comes to particular seeds. Learn these levels and decide which is right for you this season...AND knowing all levels will give you somethiing to strive for in the future.


How to Choose Between Heirloom and Hybrid Seeds

While compelling arguments can be made for choosing one over another, how can you know whether heirloom seeds or hybrid seeds are the best fit in your garden. This lesson explains the difference and will help you know which might be best for you, even on an plant-by-plant basis.

I like your simple and concise information. The levels for seed starting will help me from getting in over my head....

— Lori O.

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Meet Jill.

Hi there! If you're new around here, let me introduce myself.

In 2013 I began my first garden. I had no background, no knowledge, and no experience. Even the simplest gardening concepts stumped me.

But with determination, research, and trial and error, I now grow a large and productive garden that feeds my family year-round.

Because finding information specific to beginners wasn't easy for me to find, I decided to teach others at a level they could understand. Now, I host a top-rated garden podcast and published my first book in 2020: Vegetable Gardening for Beginners.

I certainly don't know it all, but I remain curious and teach others what I learn as I continue to learn and experiment.

But what I've always been good at is this: organizing, planning, and seeing things that not everyone notices. I also regularly hear questions that beginning gardeners ask so I know what trips many beginners up.

That's why I truly believe Before You Sow will make a huge difference in your garden. It will help clear up the confusion of starting seeds in your garden, giving you the best start to your planting this season!

Jill McSheehy in garden


What gardening climates is this course for?

All of them! These seed starting and growing principles apply regardless of your climate. If there are climate nuances that may affect the timing or how a crop is planted, I tried to mention those as often as possible.

Is this a garden planning course?

Somewhat. More accurately, this is a garden "pre-planning" training. It will cover basics of planting seeds that most beginners don't know to ask before they get started. If you're ready to start planning your next garden in more detail, you will probably be more interested in my full garden planning course, Dream to Garden.

Is this an indoor seed starting course?

No. Although I do reference principles of indoor seed starting, and I mention grow lights and equipment needed, this course covers what you need to know before you plant ANY seeds -- whether indoors or out. A common mistake beginners make is planting the WRONG plants from seed indoors, and this training will cover how to make the right choices in indoor seed starting as well as planting directly in the garden.

What is my next step after I sign up?

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Enroll Here for $19 with the code HALFOFF