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to "pre-plan" for your best garden in 2022!

with Jill McSheehy of the Beginner's Garden

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Reflect & Uncover

Using this 5-day roadmap, reflect on your last garden and uncover details you may have missed -- "hidden" keys that will help your next season's garden be more productive and enjoyable.


Before you begin planning your garden this winter, you'll list what you need to learn, gather, and do and put them on your fall/winter calendar -- making the off-season more enjoyable and full of possibilities!

Save Time & Overwhelm

When you watch 1 short video per day, do the day's assignment, and participate in the LIVE trainings for further inspiration, you'll save time in planning your garden and skip the overwhelm.

Garden Jumpstart Workbook

"This was a great introduction to gardening for me and I learned a lot and valued it all. Thank you Jill, for all you shared and taught, and inspired me with, and for everyone's input along the way." --Frances

Here's how it works:

Once you purchase your access to the challenge, you'll receive an email with instructions for the challenge, along with the download link for your printable Garden JumpStart Workbook.

Each day during the 5-Day Challenge, you'll view a SHORT video (less than 5 minutes) with the day's challenge. Then complete the assignment in your guided Garden JumpStart Workbook.

By the end of the challenge, you will have a plan in place for what you will research, plan, and do during the fall and winter to prepare to plan your next season's garden!



The LIVE Challenge itself will be hosted inside a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. You will be emailed the link and a code upon your purchase of the Challenge. Here's what you can expect in the Facebook Group:

  • Challenge videos uploaded first thing each morning inside the group from Sunday, October 17 through Thursday, October 21.
  • Daily discussion questions and interactions with others in the group.
  • 2 LIVE sessions with Jill for brainstorming and Q&A on Monday, October 18 and Thursday, October 21.


If you are not on Facebook, you can still access the challenge videos and workbook, without the "live" interaction offered in the Facebook group.

  • Instructions and login links emailed to you upon purchase.
  • Access challenge videos anytime, at your own pace.
  • Interact with Jill through the comments section in the course.

You will be given both options when you purchase access to the challenge.
Choose one or both -- whatever works best for you!

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Order Summary
Garden JumpStart LIVE Challenge

"[The Garden Jumpstart Challenge] was thorough without being time consuming. It allowed me to consider things I hadn't before. I'm learning to plan ahead through this and probably more ahead than I would have thought originally."

"I loved this challenge so much! I liked how the process was simple and not super time consuming but the days built on each other to lead to meaningful garden planning and ideas."

"The workbook helped me think through things instead of just trying to imagine. The live trainings and discussion in the group was great to hear from others and other areas and know it is not just me."

Meet Jill.

Hi there! If you're new around here, let me introduce myself.

In 2013 I began my first garden. I had no background, no knowledge, and no experience. Even the simplest gardening concepts stumped me.

But with determination, research, and trial and error, I now grow a large and productive garden that feeds my family year-round.

Because finding information specific to beginners wasn't easy for me to find, I decided to teach others at a level they could understand. Now, I host a top-rated garden podcast and published my first book in 2020: Vegetable Gardening for Beginners.

I certainly don't know it all, but I remain curious and teach others what I learn as I continue to learn and experiment.

But what I've always been good at is this: organizing, planning, and seeing things that not everyone notices. That's why the Garden JumpStart Challenge is so important to me. I truly believe it will help YOU get a jumpstart on your best garden yet. Will you join me?

Jill McSheehy in garden
Workbook page 1


What gardening climates is this challenge for?

All of them! The challenge is geared toward gardeners in the northern hemisphere, since fall is the perfect time for reflection. But whether your ground is already covered in snow or you don't even get a frost, this challenge will help you prepare for your next garden season -- no matter when it begins.

Is this a garden planning course?

Somewhat. More accurately, this is a garden "pre-planning" challenge. It will get you ready for planning your next garden by reflecting on your past season's garden. If you're ready to start planning your next garden in more detail, you will probably be more interested in my full garden planning course, Dream to Garden.

What is my next step after I purchase?

You'll receive an email immediately with your Garden JumpStart workbook for you to download and print, as well as access instructions for the challenge itself.

Garden Jumpstart Workbook

Ready to Join the Challenge?

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Order Summary
Garden JumpStart LIVE Challenge